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November 17, 2022 15:57

Corrosion under Insulation

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Controlling corrosion under insulation plays an important role in ensuring the safety of Dutch industry. This knowledge collection gives you a basis to get started with corrosion under insulation in your organization. The knowledge collection ranges from informative and educational resources, to practical tools and fact sheets that you can apply to your situation.

Typical measures to get this issue right in one's own organization

What situations are we talking about?

An incident, or escalation from a minor unusual occurrence to a major incident, resulting from corrosion under insulation at facilities using hazardous materials.


  • Mapping parts of an installation at high risk of corrosion under insulation

  • Regular inspection of these areas, including the condition of the applied insulation material

  • Application of coatings






Questions from the strategic leadership role about risks and control measures that point to answers in the Knowledge base

What and how?

Questions from various tactical or operational leadership roles about risks and control measures that point to answers in the Knowledge base

What's going on?

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Recommended reference works

  • Overview of results of working groups on 'Risk Based CUI Management'
  • WCM: Best Practice for Risk-Based CUI Management

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