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17 April 2023 13:13

Monitoring Safety Performance

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Measuring safety performance is a cornerstone in ensuring the safety of Dutch industry. This knowledge collection gives you a foundation to get started with monitoring in your organization. The knowledge collection ranges from informative and educational resources, to practical tools and fact sheets that you can apply to your situation.

Typical measures to get this issue right in one's own organization

What situations are we talking about?

An incident, or escalation from a small unusual occurrence to a major incident, because one or more parts of the safety management system are found not to be working properly.


Site-specific indicators, aimed at tracking the state of the safety management system over time, help to keep the system of measures to control safety risks in order.

These are often combinations of leading and lagging indicators. Leading indicators are often designed to provide information about the state of work processes. Lagging indicators are usually outcomes.

Implementation of indicators includes:

  • Choose a limited number of leading indicators for the most important work processes and make sure they are meaningful and usable for the employees who carry out these processes.

  • Regularly collect the results from parts of the organisation (or sector) and aggregate the results.

  • Use leading and lagging indicators in management reviews to assess the state of the measures taken and initiate improvements where necessary.

  • Use industry standards for the definition of lagging indicators.

  • Use lagging indicators to compare the performance of organisations with the aim of learning from others.






Questions from the strategic leadership role about risks and control measures that point to answers in the Knowledge base

What and how?

Questions from various tactical or operational leadership roles about risks and control measures that point to answers in the Knowledge base

What's going on?

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Recommended reference works

  • Rapport | Concawe 8-22: European downstream oil industry safety performance 2021
  • Report | IOGP Safety Performance Indicators - Process Safety Events - 2022 data
  • Tool | Classificatie Process Safety Events volgens CEFIC definities

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What initiatives are available to me? 

Below you will find information about projects related to this knowledge collection in which Safety Delta Netherlands is involved.

  • Research question: Improving (process) safety with big data, AI and machine learning
  • Project: Better Learning Information in Chemistry by Looking Ahead (BLIC Ahead)
  • Project: Pilot performance indicators


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