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November 17, 2022 15:05

Safety perception

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Safety perception by local residents is closely related to their perceived safety of Dutch industry. This knowledge collection gives you a basis to get started with supervision in your organization. The knowledge collection ranges from informative and educational resources, to practical tools and fact sheets that you can apply to your situation.

Typical measures to get this issue right in one's own organization

What situations are we talking about?

An unusual occurrence that results in environmental nuisance, resulting in financial or reputational damage due to inadequate preparation by neighbours.

Environmental nuisance can include noise, light (flare), odour in situations that are different from 'normal', and the effects of incidents (fire, smoke, pressure wave, impact of fragments, release of (toxic) substances).

Every year in the Netherlands, almost 2000 unusual events are reported and registered by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT). The majority of the unusual occurrences in 2020 concerned small leaks or emissions to air, soil or surface water (56%), flaring (13%), (un)planned installation stops or maintenance (10%) and fire (7%).


  • Focus communication efforts on people who live or work near the chemical cluster / Brzo companies.

  • Provide prompt, honest and transparent information during events that are perceived as incidents. This can also be maintenance.

  • Provide more openness and transparency in what parties are doing to increase safety, how this is being monitored, how lessons have been learned from the past, and how parties are taking the interests and concerns of local residents into account.

  • Promote information explicitly through multiple channels and make clear how your company and/or the regulator can be reached in case of questions.






Questions from the strategic leadership role about risks and control measures that point to answers in the Knowledge base

What and how?

Questions from various tactical or operational leadership roles about risks and control measures that point to answers in the Knowledge base

What's going on?

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Recommended reference works

  • Rapport | RIVM 2020-0198: Het peilen van veiligheidsbeleving en informatiebehoeften van omwonenden rond chemieclusters. Belevingsonderzoek Chemelot

In the news

  • Article | Speech Rosita Thé: Companies, grab your social responsibility
  • Infographic | Risico communicatie met de omgeving

What initiatives are available to me? 

Below you will find information about projects related to this knowledge collection in which Safety Delta Netherlands is involved.

  • Completed Project: KIA MV experiment
  • Research question: Emerging security risks due to energy transition


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