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25 July 2023 16:07

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Around a hundred years ago, the field of safety engineering arose from the need to better ensure occupational safety within the industrialization. Process safety followed later and safety science grew into a diverse field with many different aspects. Today the field is still developing strongly. Whereas other knowledge collections focus on a specific component within safety management, this knowledge collection focuses on the discipline and the profession of safety expert.

In this collection you will find information on, among other things, general developments of the profession, the diversity of training and courses, as well as insights on the position of the safety profession in today's society and industrial developments.

Typical measures to get this issue right in one's own organization

What situations are we talking about?

An incident, or escalation from a minor unusual occurrence to a major incident, resulting from insufficient competence and/or capacity to identify and control safety risks.


Managers provide information and instruction, training opportunities and supervision.
Ensure that employees have the expertise to carry out their work safely.

  • Establish competence requirements for activities that are safety-critical.

  • Use standard operating procedures.

  • Emphasise on-the-job training.






Questions from the strategic leadership role about risks and control measures that point to answers in the Knowledge base

What and how?

Questions from various tactical or operational leadership roles about risks and control measures that point to answers in the Knowledge base

Training and courses

What's going on?

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Recommended reference works

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In the news

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What initiatives are available to me? 

Below you will find information about projects related to this knowledge collection in which Safety Delta Netherlands is involved.

  • Research question: Factory of the future - The leader, engineer and operator of the future


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