Can you tell something briefly about yourself?

I am Roel Jolling, 34 years old and working at Polyscope since 2010.
Master industrial sciences Chemistry as background and fulfilled various roles at Polyscope (process engineer, projects, operations manager, reliability & maintenance manager ad interim, TA manager). Since 2018 ultimately responsible in the role of plant manager.

Why did you request a Process Safety Quickscan from SDN for Polyscope?
As Polyscope has grown hard but still has a lot more ambition. We are not satisfied with yesterday's and today's results and like to raise the bar. To make safety performance even better, we turned to SDN for a PS audit. It seemed especially interesting because there were no interests or consequences involved and a very experienced person would come along to audit.

Especially interesting also because many colleagues would be surveyed and that it would be approached mainly from the practical side.

I expected maybe 2 things:

-New insights or uncovering blind spots
-Confirmation (or disconfirmation) of some of your own findings (from a self-assessment, among other things)

The course was top notch, lots of energy and openness. However, time is limited to go very deep and as in any audit, the result depends on the amount of information released.

Benefits: in an approachable way, honest feedback is given at all levels. A number of things that are not or insufficiently in order become painfully visible.
It is also a confirmation that a number of self-acknowledged points of improvement are justified.
Definitely recommended to other companies! It is a kind of free improvement plan.

Would you like to know more about the Process Safety Quickscan? Let us know via the email!

Publication date:
Sept. 19, 2022