How does the provision of information influence the perception of safety of people living in the vicinity of a company or business cluster?

Local residents mainly need quick, honest and transparent information during events that are experienced as incidents. This also applies, for example, to regular activities that are noticeable in the surrounding area and about which local residents want to be informed, for example during maintenance or disruptions. Ref. RIVM report 2020-0198

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In 2020, RIVM was commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to survey the safety perception and information needs of people living near the Chemelot chemical cluster. The survey was conducted among 5,000 residents of the municipalities of Beek, Beekdaelen, Echt-Susteren, Sittard-Geleen and Stein. They were asked how they experience safety around Chemelot and what safety information they would like to receive. In the autumn, the results of a questionnaire survey were discussed with residents from the participating municipalities in three focus groups. This provided insights into perceptions of safety, confidence, self-sufficiency and information needs.

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  • HSE managers
  • Policy makers
  • Site managers
  • Supervisors

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  • Safety Culture and Leadership - Communicating with the environment
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DOI 10.21945/RIVM-2020-0198