Podcast | Creating Sustainable Organizations with Ryan Kushner & Carola Wijdoogen

Under the "Principle, meet practice" podcast series, this episode is produced with Ryan Kushner and Carola Wijdoogen. In 40 minutes, key points are discussed on how an organization can truly become sustainable. In the context of climate change and adaptation, an inspiration for industry to prevent further climate change.

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What are relevant lessons from others? How is successful implementation determined? Who has expertise?

Target Group(s):

  • Policy makers
  • HSE managers
  • Strategic leadership

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  • Safety Culture and Leadership - General
  • Safety Culture and Leadership - Just Culture
  • Safety Culture and Leadership - Training Courses
  • Safety culture and leadership - Safety perception
  • Safety culture and leadership - Safety culture
  • Veiligheidscultuur en leiderschap - Veiligheidskunde
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