Zero measurement of innovation in Brzo companies

BRZO+, the partnership of the Brzo inspection services, is researching innovation opportunities at Brzo companies with outdated designs. This fall, companies were invited to participate in a baseline measurement via an online survey. The purpose of this baseline measurement is to get a picture of the current situation at Brzo companies regarding innovation in relation to obsolete plants. The baseline measurement serves to identify possible starting points for supervisors to promote this innovation among companies. BRZO+ will discuss the results of the anonymous survey in consultation with the industries and Veiligheid Voorop.


The reason for the investigation is the recommendation of the Dutch Safety Board in the report "Chemistry in Collaboration - Safety at the Chemelot Industrial Complex" (2018). The Safety Board states that outdated plant designs are an underlying factor of incidents. In the report BRZO+, the Safety Board gives the following recommendation: Promote that supervisors in Brzo inspections explicitly pay attention to the risks of obsolete plant designs.

Online survey

All Brzo companies received a letter (pdf, 28 kB) at the end of October with the request to participate in the baseline measurement via the online survey. BRZO+ wants to emphasize that this is a baseline measurement to form a picture of the current situation at Brzo companies. It does not matter whether or not a company has applied innovations. Participation in the study is entirely voluntary and anonymous. Results will not be traceable to individual respondents. The results of the baseline measurement will be shared with all respondents and industry organizations involved.

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Participation in this online survey is possible until the end of December this year.

Publication date:
December 8, 2022