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24 April 2023 18:33

About Safety Delta Netherlands

Find, connect, renew in safety


Safety Delta Netherlands (SDN) is an partnership between the Dutch (petro)chemical industry and its chain partners, scientific institutions and the government.

Our ambition: by 2030 the Dutch (petro)chemical industry will be the safest in the world and will have an internationally valued and acknowledged leading position in the development of safety concepts relating to hazardous substances.

Safety Delta Nederland provides low-threshold access to knowledge and experience of users regarding solutions for issues concerning (process) safety. These solutions are in the field of hard-, mind- and software. In addition, we facilitate innovation.

See also the SDN privacy statement on how user information will be handled.

More information:

On the pages below, you will find more information about Safety Delta Netherlands. You can find out more about our strategy and mission, for information about our cooperation partners and for a look at the SDN programme team.

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