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Safety Delta Netherlands - Partners

Safety Delta Nederland (SDN) is an alliance between the Dutch (petro)chemical industry and its chain partners, scientific institutions and the government.

Because of this unique composition, the SDN works together with many different parties to make the Dutch (petro)chemical industry the safest in the world. On this page you can find an overview of all partners of Safety Delta Netherlands.


Signatories to the Covenant

On October 5, 2020, the SDN covenant was signed to further improve the safety level of the (petro)chemical industry by facilitating structural cooperation between Government, (Petro)Chemical Industry and Science.

Development partners

Safety Delta Netherlands works with various parties to live a contribution to knowledge, innovation and cooperation in the (petro)chemical sector. These parties contribute to SDN's ambition to make the Dutch (petro)chemical sector the safest in the world by 2030.

Knowledge and Media Partners

Together with the partners listed below, Safety Delta Netherlands disseminates and publishes knowledge and media products that contribute to the objectives of Safety Delta Netherlands. This can be in the form of publications, workshops, events or, for example, videos. Together with these partners, Safety Delta Netherlands develops knowledge and media products that can be used for knowledge and/or innovation purposes.

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