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5 December 2023 09:10

PI - Performance Indicators - improved sectoral data collection and interpretation

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Expertise Network Performance Indicators

The Performance Indicators Expertise Network is a closed project group consisting of representatives of Brzo companies, industry associations, regional safety networks, Veiligheid Voorop (VV) and the competent authority involved in sectoral data collection and interpretation.

To participate, you must log in with the username and password sent to you from this network.

Participants can log into the Data Collection Tool here.



The purpose of this network is to further improve the environmental and occupational safety of the business sectors that work with hazardous substances and are also covered by Brzo legislation.

The assumption is that sectoral improvements will come about more quickly through structural exchange of safety performance between companies and through systematic, consistent interpretation of this data between sectors. See also the project description.

General information on performance indicators can be found in the Knowledge Collection and Library on Monitoring Safety Performance.

To the Knowledge Collection Monitoring Safety Performance.

Plan of Action

The starting point is the collection of safety performance data from Brzo sites. For this purpose, a pilot will be conducted in SDN context in 2023, in which companies can participate. A simple IT tool has been developed for this pilot that transparently establishes access to data.

Companies participating in the data collection pilot are enabled to reliably and easily share safety data with each other. This includes (confidential) performance indicators, (public) inspection results and (confidential or public) incident information.

These companies are offered opportunities to benchmark themselves against similar companies in the industry, thus learning and improving.

Systematic reporting of process safety incidents is still underdeveloped. By using standardized classification (CEFIC) of process safety incidents, the sector can come to a better understanding of improvement priorities.

Network members are involved in sectoral interpretation of data. For the interpretation, expertise will be sought from scientific institutions. Companies, industry organizations, regional safety networks, Veiligheid Voorop (VV) and the competent authority are thus enabled to interpret aggregated data on a sectoral basis to reveal trends and bottlenecks and to develop improvement plans.

Industry associations also have access to data from their members. This provides an opportunity to identify "leaders" and "laggards" in safety performance to collect and share good practices, respectively, and to encourage laggards to improve their safety performance.

Preconditions for parties participating are:

  • Companies decide what data they want to share and with whom.
  • Aggregated data, based on data made available confidentially by individual companies, can never be traced back to those companies by third parties.
  • Companies retain ownership of the confidential data they provide.
  • Companies are responsible for the quality of the data they supply. Supplied data must meet agreed upon definitions.

In cooperation with Veiligheid Voorop, the SDN program office provides system administration.