2 August 2023 15:03

Safety Deals

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Safety Deal Scheme

The Subsidy Scheme for Strengthening Environmental Safety (SVO) will be continued for the period 2022-2027. The aim of the scheme is to stimulate the business community's own responsibility for improving the safety of employees and the environment and to improve the sustainable safety performance of the sector.

For 2022, €2 million subsidy is available. The scheme has been open since 5 February 2022.

The scheme is intended for joint ventures and sector organisations. Environmental services and safety regions may also participate, but are not the lead partners. The maximum subsidy with multiple project participants is €500,000 and the maximum subsidy per project participant per calendar year is €200,000. A project must be completed within two years. The initiative may NOT be commercially exploited after its completion.

Safety-Deal projects that fall within the spearheads defined by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will receive an additional 15% subsidy. Spearheads for 2022 are:

  • Transparent cooperation between companies within an industrial cluster;
  • Future-proof and reliable process installations;
  • Optimisation of best working methods and techniques.

Furthermore, under the new scheme recipients of € 100,000 or more in SVO subsidy are obliged to explain their results in an audiovisual presentation. See the RVO website for more information about the scheme.