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Opportunity to participate in SDN pilot: Test E-learning about Learning from Incidents

Safety Delta Nederland wants to promote the implementation of knowledge with, amongst others, the SDN Academy in conjunction with the SDN Knowledge Bank and the SDN Technology Catalogue. The ambition is to offer an e-learning portfolio for a wide range of subjects including Learning from Incidents, Leadership and Culture, Risk Management and various aspects of Asset Integrity - Process Safety Management. Guides developed as part of the DV2030 programme or previous Safety Deals will serve as a basis for this e-learning for specific user groups.


The first e-learning pilot is being developed on the basis of the Guide to Better Learning from Incidents in the (petro)chemical industry and is aimed at practitioners, people who conduct or support incident investigations and people who distribute or receive incident investigation results.


The SDN project group is looking for companies that are willing to make employees available (1-2 hours per employee) to test this e-learning in the period August-October 2021 with the aim of eventually making a product available that has good added value for the target group.


Contact: info@safetydelta.nl (or login from 12 July as participant on the SDN Website - Projects)