Project: Pilot performance indicators; improved sectoral data collection and interpretation


Every year, the State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management presents the State of Safety of Brzo companies is presented to the Lower House of the States General.

This State of Safety provides a picture of the efforts and findings of both the supervisors through the BRZO+ monitoring process and of major risk enterprises through the annual report of Veiligheid Voorop. It also lists policy intentions based on the reported results.

Clarification of reported safety performance is difficult. It is not easy, with limited resources, to quickly obtain an accurate and clear understanding of the safety performance and related strengths and weaknesses in the sector's safety risk management systems.

Causes include:

  • different types of performance data provided by industry and regulator
  • the lack of connection between this performance data and causes of incidents or violations and areas for improvement during inspections
  • Low frequency (annual) of data availability

In addition, the added value for companies to provide performance data is currently limited. Learning by direct comparison with others is only (sometimes) possible at the branch level, and then often only for the frequency of incidents with injuries.

This pilot is developing a solution that will allow participants to share confidential data among themselves and allow participants to compare their own data with data from other similar companies in the industry.

Veiligheid Voorop facilitates this pilot on behalf of the industry and the supervisor is represented through the BRZOPLUS program office. The participating companies are substantively supported in the implementation of this pilot.


Code: LVI 2021-26

Status: Concept Development

Update: September 6 , 2022


Confidentially, reliably and easily share security data with third parties, and then learn and improve security through real-time performance comparisons of similar companies.

Expected result

Participating companies strengthen their capacity to improve safety performance by:

  • systematic reporting of performance

  • direct comparison of own performance with similar companies and industry

  • faster insight into (potential) bottlenecks in security risk management

Date Initiation  May 2022
Risk theme Measuring safety performance and learning from incidents
User group -----

Why participate?

The pilot 'Performance indicators; improved sector data collection and interpretation' is an accessible way to improve the knowledge and skills around performance monitoring within a company.

It provides an opportunity to learn from each other for improving internal processes.

Expected contribution per company, industry organization or regulator: at least 20 hours in-kind spread over a 12-month period from a contact person who, as part of their normal work, is also concerned with performance data. This time commitment is for:

  • Making available and/or verification of historical data
  • Uploading new data
  • Provide regular feedback on the effectiveness of the tool
  • Possible participation in training
  • Participation in kick-off meeting, two progress meetings and final evaluation.

Time period: quarter 4, 2022 - quarter 4, 2023

Project Progress

Information on project progress is only available to participants - you need to request access and log in at the SDN programme office.