BRZOPLUS - Project Ageing - Result 2017.

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The Brzo+ partnership conducted a joint project on the subject of the attention Brzo companies pay to major accident hazards resulting from aging equipment and organizations. In the Brzo 2015, this is a "new" and explicitly statutory aspect of operating control. The inspections carried out as part of this "Ageing" project took place as part of the scheduled regular periodic inspections in 2017.

The project had three main topics: Ageing general and policy, Piping and corrosion under plant, and Cooling and fire water piping. For the results of the project, data down to the level of recorded findings were extracted from inspection files in GIR and analyzed. The subject of ageing was assessed in 340 Brzo inspections at 333 Brzo companies. During these inspections, 72 violations on ageing were found at 49 Brzo companies. This is 15% of the total number of Brzo companies assessed for ageing. To more specifically identify the nature of the violations, the ageing subjects were further broken down into four management aspects: policy, inventory, control and monitoring. 15 of the 72 violations were found to involve a combination of shortcomings in several management aspects.

Ageing was found in a number of cases not yet sufficiently elaborated in the various components of the safety management system. In addition, a number of companies had not established a policy to adequately address the issue of ageing. It was also found that the inventory of equipment sensitive to ageing was not completed in all cases. It was also found that ageing issues were not always sufficiently addressed during regular maintenance.

A survey conducted in 2016 among Brzo-relevant industry organizations shows that in the period prior to the Brzo+ project ageing, Brzo companies had paid little (explicit) attention to the phenomenon of ageing for a significant part of the subjects. From the results of the Brzo inspections, it can be concluded in general terms that, with the broaching of the subject of ageing, the attention for this among the companies has increased.


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