DV2030 - Inventory of safety training courses aimed at Brzo companies in the Netherlands

[ Source: DV2030 - Roadmap 4 ]


Within the framework of the Sustainable Safety 2030 programme, research was conducted into the supply and demand for safety training for Brzo companies in the (petro)chemical industry.

The study identified, inter alia, the following opportunities

  1. Improve learning and working methods in external courses: make them activating instead of classical.
  2. Connect course content to the world of experience of the operator.
  3. Develop innovative education tools such as e-learning, AI and gamification.
  4. Respond to the need for customised external courses, e.g. organise them on location.
  5. Put the emphasis on SMEs; large companies often already have their own learning centres.
  6. Address the lack of safety training at board level.
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Date of publication:

4 December 2020



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