NLA - Monitor workplace accidents 2021

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The Labor Inspectorate produces an annual Labor Accidents Monitor based on the information the Labor Inspectorate collects from accident investigations. It provides a multi-year overview of trends in occupational accidents.

In 2021, the Labor Inspectorate will receive 3,482 reports of workplace accidents. There will be 2,038 investigations launched and 1,957 completed in that year. As in previous years, most accidents (per 100,000 jobs) occur in the waste management; construction; industry and agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors. By 2021, 62 investigations into accidents involving a fatality will have been completed. The main accident types have been the same for several years, namely falls and coming into contact with work equipment.

This Workplace Accident Monitor zooms in on accident risks and aims to provide insight into the causes of the two common accident types:

  • being touched by something, and
  • An accident involving vehicle or moving implement.

Date of publication:

Oct. 31, 2022



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