Berenschot report - Arcadis - Article 8 of the Brzo: incentive to cooperate

[ Source: Lower House, Committee Debate on External Security 22 June 2022, appendix part 6, Committee Debate: "External Security" | Lower House of the States General ]


Due to the presence of and work with hazardous substances, Brzo companies pose safety risks to their own facilities, employees, visitors and the environment. Within a cluster of Brzo companies, there are also mutual risks, as the safety risks of one company can lead to risks in neighbouring companies.

Research (desk research and interviews) was carried out to gain insight into how the mutual risks within a cluster of Brzo companies can be limited and controlled, and in particular how the government can achieve structural cooperation within clusters, by making use of Article 8 of the Brzo.

The results of the study show, among other things, that Article 8 hardly stimulates cooperation between Brzo companies, and that Article 8 is low on the agenda among authorities and companies. Recommendations are:

  1. to improve and broaden the application of Article 8 in order to steer cooperation between Brzo companies through supervision and enforcement;
  2. Article 8 should be amended so that, in addition to information exchange, it sets legal requirements for cooperation within clusters;
  3. use instruments other than Article 8 to achieve cooperation within clusters.

Date of publication:

15 March 2022



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