Large industrial companies and the government must together take social responsibility to better protect the health of residents. That call was made by director Rosita Thé of DCMR Environmental Protection Agency Rijnmond before a room full of directors of major industrial companies in the Netherlands, safety officials and civil servants during Safety Day 2023 in Arnhem.

Apology Report 2050

In her speech, Thé imagines reading a "2050 apology report. This lists all the things that business and government have not done in all these years and should have done. "The adults of later, meaning the children of today, are already letting us know now, in 2023, that a big apology from us is coming. And we have to avoid that," Thé speaks.


Too often now, slow or absent legislation and technical (im)possibilities are flaunted, legal objections are raised and, above all, they look at each other. In her speech, Thé addresses the directors of Brzo companies on their humanity. "Take responsibility yourself. It is now or never."

Good neighbor

She asked them at the Safety Day in Arnhem to be a good neighbor. Only then can you ensure a healthy, safe and sustainable working and living environment. Thé hopes to have touched strings with her keynote speech, because the entire safety chain "has no time to waste and everyone must take their own role."


PFAS, substances of very high concern, energy transition, circularity. "There is so much going on right now. There are very big challenges. You only have to read the newspapers and you know what I'm talking about. If we all walk our own path, it's not going to be it. No more 'yes, but', but get on with it. And taking it one step further."


There is enough knowledge within the business community to understand the need for change. "Everyone understands the chemical processes, everyone knows what that can mean for the environment. And the government should have encouraged business at that level more," the DCMR director stated.


"We need to go more to the core, how to substantially solve the big problems we face: put the task and ambition at the center," Thé says. She is positive. "Together we can turn the tide."

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