IOGP Report 459-1 Life-Saving Rules – Start Work Checks

In 2018, following rigorous data analysis, IOGP introduced a revised and simplified set of nine Life-Saving Rules to provide workers in our industry with the actions they can take to protect themselves and their colleagues from fatalities. With this document, IOGP launches the Start Work Checks (SWC), a human performance tool designed to enable organizations to more effectively implement the Rules in the workplace. The SWCs are recommended for companies who have launched, or are planning to launch, the Life-Saving Rules. The Checks enable frontline workers to confirm that the controls/safeguards designed to prevent fatalities and serious injuries are in place and functioning at the exact location a task is to be done, just prior to starting it. SWCs encourage those who are performing the work to take a Go/No-Go approach, assuring workers will not start work until the controls/safeguards are physically verified. The Checks are designed to encourage workers to have empowering conversations about what performing a task safely really means, what they need to do, and if those things are present and functioning. If not, it encourages workers to raise issues they encounter with site supervisors.

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Document, 52 pages, PDF which provide a description of Start Work Checks for the nine Life-Saving Rules


  • HSE managers
  • Operatie managers


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