IOGP Report 510 - Operating Management System Framework for controlling risk and delivering high performance in the oil and gas industry

Learn to define and achieve performance goals and stakeholder benefits within a management system framework This new Operating Management System Framework is designed to help companies define and achieve performance goals and stakeholder benefits, while managing the broad and significant range of risks inherent in the oil and gas industry. “Operating” applies to every type of upstream or downstream company activity, from construction to decommissioning, throughout the entire value chain and lifecycle of the business and its products. The Framework offers an integrated approach and the flexibility to address some or all of a wide range of risks, impacts or threats related to occupational health and safety; environmental and social responsibility; process safety, quality and security. The degree of integration and the scope of an OMS will be determined by individual companies and will differ depending on their activities, organisational structure and management system maturity.

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This 44-page document, published in june 2014, provides a framework for an operating management system


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International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP)