Guideline for the location of occupied buildings in industrial gas plants

This publication addresses the risks to persons in occupied buildings within ASU and HYCO facility boundaries associated with pressure energy. Pressure energy can be generated from ignition of flammable material that has been released into congested or confined area and the sudden failure of pressure vessels. This publication is intended to provide guidance on determining the risk to persons in: – new permanent or portable occupied buildings on ASU and HYCO facilities; – existing occupied buildings from a new ASU plant, HYCO plant, or major modification added to an existing facility; – an occupied building from a relocated ASU plant, HYCO plant; and – a relocated occupied building. It is also intended to provide guidance on how to address hazards from neighbouring facilities during the design of new ASU and HYCO plants. The provisions of this publication are effective as soon as hazardous materials are introduced into the ASU or HYCO facility.

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European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA)