What case studies have been published using RAST – Risk Analysis Screening Tool?

Several case studies have been published using RAST to model actual incidents. Examples that can be downloaded as PDF files on the website of the Centre for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) are: • Vapor Cloud Explosion Phillips Pasadena • Vapor Cloud Explosion BP Texas City • Runaway Reaction and Physical Explosion T2 Laboratories • Confined Space Explosion CAI and Arnel • Chlorine Release DPC Enterprises

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RAST assists with hazard identification, scenario development, consequence evaluation, and risk analysis. Starting at the level of equipment or activity, the Excel tool identifies chemical and process hazards. Then it determines what can go wrong by developing scenarios, how bad it could be by analysing consequences and how often it might happen by estimating frequencies. Subsequently, risk tolerance is determined and where needed additional safeguards can be implemented. RAST is supported by a free 126 page user manual and an Excel based CHEF calculation aid.


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Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and the European Process Safety Centre (EPSC)