ZEMA Accident Database (German Accident Database, available in German)

The Central Reporting and Evaluation Office for Major Accidents and Incidents in Process Engineering Facilities (Zentrale Melde- und Auswertestelle für Störfälle und Störungen in verfahrenstechnischen Anlagen - ZEMA) records, evaluates and publishes in annual reports all events which must be reported to the authorities pursuant to the 12th Federal Immission Control Ordinance. Reportable events are sub-divided according to their hazard potential into major accidents and disturbance of normal operation. The systematic recording and evaluation of events provides information which enables further development of the state of the art of safety technology.

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The database contains (July 2021) 874 entries that are categorised by type of plant, cause, etc.


  • HSE managers
  • Toezichthouders


  • Monitoring and Learning - Leren van Incidenten
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