CCPS - Process Safety Metrics Guide for Leading an Lagging Indicators - version 4.0

This Guide is for those working in the process industries who wish to prevent major process safety events using indicators for evaluating trends within their process safety systems. Measuring and monitoring trends and improving identified weaknesses in these systems will help reduce process safety risks, reducing incidents/accidents that can cause injuries and fatalities, harm the environment, damage Company assets and property, interrupt businesses, and adversely affect the Company’s reputation. The range of industries that may benefit from this Guide extends well beyond the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil & gas (including terminals, pipelines, storage, and distribution facilities), petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc. This edition includes the Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) for threshold release categorization. The GHS hazard classifications were selected to reflect the analogous U.S. DOT version of the United Nations Dangerous Goods (UNDG) hazard classifications that are used in both the earlier and 2021 editions.

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This document contains the latest definition of process safety indicators, including clarifications for primary containment and secondary containment, direct costs, indoor releases, and unsafe locations. A significant change to the 2021 API RP 754 is the reporting of the Tier 1 PSE severity weightings. The severity weightings help define the differences between the severities of Tier 1 PSEs, only.

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  • HSE managers
  • Supervisors

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  • Monitoring and Learning - Measuring Safety Performance
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