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January 3, 2023 11:10 am


Safety Delta Netherlands

Find, connect, renew in safety

Safety Delta Netherlands facilitates structural cooperation between Government, Companies covered by Seveso legislation and Science. We do this with the aim of jointly identifying opportunities for improvement in (process) safety. Together with leaders we carry out improvement projects. And we encourage parties to implement the results of these projects throughout the sector.

You can participate in SDN Projects, collaborate in SDN Expertise Networks or make suggestions for new knowledge and innovation tracks during SDN on Tour.

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Safety Delta Netherlands uses a project approach that is built up from several phases: idea, concept development, detailed development, implementation. After each step, a decision is made whether or not to go ahead and deploy more resources.


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A place for exchange of ideas among people who are working every day to improve safety.




Transport on company premises is mostly done with diesel-powered vehicles. As part of the energy transition, these vehicles are increasingly being replaced by "sustainable" alternatives, such as electrically powered vehicles or vehicles using natural gas/LNG or hydrogen as fuel. These other fuels and propulsion systems can also potentially create "new" safety risks. These risks avn Alternative Powered Vehicles (AAVs) are being identified and possible control measures are being developed.



Accelerate sectoral improvements through structural exchange of safety performance data between companies and through systematic, consistent interpretation of this data between sectors. The starting point is the collection of safety performance data from Brzo sites. To this end, a pilot will be conducted in the SDN context in 2023, in which companies can participate. A simple IT tool has been developed for this pilot that transparently establishes access to data.



An increase in the number of "high performance" organizations in the field of internal and environmental safety, and companies handling hazardous materials belong to this category, requires a fundamental change in oversight policy. This change must take shape on the part of both businesses and government. Industry can do this by conducting pilots with horizontal government supervision, which should lead to further professionalization of internal supervision, increased support among external supervisors and joint formulation of proposals for policy change.

SAQ Light


The Self-Assessment Questionnaire Light (SAQ Light) is a tool to get a reasonable picture of your company's safety culture, safety management system, and technical installations in a short period of time and helps to create an improvement plan. The Expertise Network supports the implementation of the tool.

SDN on Tour


Safety Delta Netherlands is organizing a series of activities focused on working together to improve the (process) safety of Dutch Brzo companies and their supply chain partners.