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February 14, 2023 18:50

SAQ - Self Assessment Questionnaire

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The Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ 2.0 or SAQ Light) is a tool to make an assessment of your company's safety culture, safety management system, and technical facilities and helps to create an improvement plan.

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Frequently asked questions about the SAQ

  • What is the SAQ ?

    The Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is a tool to make an integral assessment of the safety culture, the safety management system, and the technical installations, and to draw up an improvement plan. It was developed by the Safety First Foundation in 2015. In 2021, the tool was updated and functionally improved.

  • What is the SAQ Light?

    The Self-Assessment Questionnaire Light (SAQ Light) is a quick scan version of the SAQ. This tool is meant to get a reasonable picture of the safety level and the control measures in the company in a relatively short time on the basis of a limited number of questions.

  • Who is the SAQ Light for?

    The tool is particularly intended for SMEs, start-up Brzo- and ARIE companies working with hazardous substances.

  • What does the SAQ Light provide?

    The tool makes it possible for a company to make an integral assessment of the Safety Culture (Mindware), the Safety Management System (Software) and the Technical installations ( Hardware) in a limited time. The tool has a simple report and functionality to create an improvement plan.

  • What is the basis of the SAQ Light?

    The tool uses 5 levels of maturity. Companies decide which level they wish to achieve.

    Furthermore, the tool asks questions on 19 topics that are most important to safety. Examples are: risk identification and analysis, work control, dealing with changes, planning for emergencies, etc. By answering these questions themselves with "yes" or "no", the current level of maturity is measured for each topic.

    To reach the next level, the tool gives advice. These help in making the improvement plan.

  • Where can I go for questions?

    Please direct questions or suggestions about SAQ Light to: saq@rhdhv.com

  • How can I download the SAQ Light?

    The SAQ Light is available from the Veiligheid Voorop website: Download SAQ Light

Hints & Tips

  • Prepare for

    1. Download the SAQ Light from the Safety First website.
    2. Save the excel document on your own computer. Allow the use of macros.
  • Do Assessment

    1. For each (sub)topic, evaluate the 4 descriptions in the "SAQ Light" worksheet. The best results are achieved by involving several people from your company.
    2. Select "yes" only if the description fits completely. Otherwise, select "no."
  • Obtain advice for the improvement plan

    1. First, generate the list of improvement options in the "Advice" worksheet. This provides options based on the ambition level previously selected.
    2. Then select the advisories on which you want to develop the improvement plan. The best results are achieved by looking at the recommendations with several experts from your company and including the site management team in the process.
  • Make the improvement plan

    1. In the "Improvement Plan" worksheet, define who will carry out which actions, and what the cost or schedule will be. The best results are achieved by involving other employees in your company and giving the site management team ownership for implementation.
    2. Deepen aspects of the plan if necessary using the SAQ 2.0

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