Horizontaal toezicht in het omgevingsdomein

In the environment domain, there is governmental control: the public safeguarding of a social interest. Governmental control is often the direct result of a political decision to intervene and to tackle a concrete problem. In this case, the quality and safety of the living environment. Governmental control can be designed in various ways. In this article, we will discuss the form that governmental control has taken in the environmental domain, the related consequences and the question whether the current form of control - 40 years after its inception - is still the most appropriate form of control in all cases.

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What are external trends or expected change in the medium and long term?

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  • Policy makers
  • Strategic leadership
  • Supervisors

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  • Risk | Control | Assurance - Internal | External Supervision
  • Risk | Control | Assurance - Permits | Supervision | Enforcement
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