VHCP Report - Reporting safely about safety - A reporting point for the (petro)chemical chain

To increase safety in the industry, it is considered crucial that (petro)chemical companies work with reliable chain partners. For this reason, research has been carried out into whether an industry-wide reporting centre in combination with a safety committee for the chemical and petrochemical industries could contribute to the safety of the chemical and petrochemical chain. This hotline would make it possible to report unsafe situations, which could increase confidence in the chain and the sector's self-cleansing ability.

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Report (PDF), 47 pages This report investigated whether chain responsibility could be further stimulated by This report investigated whether chain responsibility could be further stimulated by setting up an industry-wide hotline in combination with a Safety Board. The starting point is that despite all efforts, dangerous situations sometimes still occur. When someone notices such an unsafe situation, he or she normally reports this to the company in question. Under certain circumstances, however, the potential reporter may be reluctant to make the report directly to the company, for example because of personal or commercial sensitivities. In such cases, it can be valuable if there is a possibility to report externally to an industry-wide hotline. Such a report can then be investigated and dealt with by a Safety Board consisting of experts from different backgrounds. The aim is to help the company to remove the unsafe situation. This way, the (petro)chemical industry is enabled to better control the risks thanks to mutual involvement.

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  • HSE managers

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  • Safety Culture and Leadership - safety in the chain
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