The European tank storage sector and the global energy landscape

The Dutch Association of Tank Storage Companies (VOTOB) is engaging in a broad set of activities to strengthen its strategic capacity. This capacity (to strengthen knowledge, orientation and anticipation capabilities) is influenced by macroeconomic and geopolitical changes resulting from the energy transition. International value chains of fuels and chemicals will be transformed by the global energy transition and decarbonization policies. Emerging realities and accompanying innovations will require the storage sector to constantly adapt. Designing a successful response to these changes involves a long-term strategy aimed at preserving the sector’s profitability and the license to operate. VOTOB’s position can be improved by enhancing the sector’s visibility on national and local political levels, as well as by reestablishing the awareness of its importance for the Dutch and international economy. This paper supports VOTOB’s objective by providing a better understanding of how the rapidly changing global context will impact the (European) tank storage sector and draws some first conclusions for the way forward.

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