IOGP 365 – Land transportation safety practice

[ Source: IOGP Safety Committee, Report 365, Land transport safety | IOGP ]


Land transportation safety practice provides an effective way to manage land transportation risks. Application of this Report can be the starting point for energy companies (oil and gas companies and new energy companies) or can supplement existing practices.

This Report supports and is consistent with IOGP Report 459 – Life-Saving Rules, developed to mitigate risk and reduce fatalities. Life-Saving Rules focus on changing worker and supervisor behaviour in the workplace by raising awareness of activities that are most likely to result in fatalities and propose simple actions for individuals to protect themselves and others.

This Report is generic enough to adapt to different companies and their cultures worldwide. It is applicable to all parts of the energy industry (upstream, downstream, or new energy businesses) including operators, contractors, and subcontractors. It applies to all land transportation activities
(that is, both on- and off-road) in the oil and gas and new energy industry, such as:

  • All vehicles (company, contractor, or personal owned or leased) and all drivers operating these vehicles on company roads and premises, and public roads, whilst on company business.
  • All transportation activities including personnel, freight, product, equipment and material movements, and mobile equipment used on public roads.

Excluded from its scope:

  • all construction and industrial equipment not used for transportation on public roads
  • where company’s load is transported with loads from other customers (shared or consolidated loads)
  • transportation by rail


January 2024



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