IOGP Safety data reporting user guide – Scope and definitions (2022 data)

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The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) has been collecting global safety incident data from Member Companies since 1985.

The data collected are entered directly to the IOGP safety database, which is the largest database of safety incident statistics in the industry. The open sharing of incident and accident data is essential for learning if we are to eliminate fatalities in the upstream oil and gas industry.

The scope of the IOGP incident and event reporting system includes worldwide exploration and production (E&P) activities, onshore and offshore, for both Member Companies and their associated contractor work hours, as defined in Section 3.1.

The data reported by Member Companies are consolidated and analysed in order to compute the frequency and severity of incidents and events occurring in E&P operations by region, country, function and company.



8 februari 2023



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