Recognition Scheme Training Safety Experts together with private vocational training launched

The Dutch Association for Safety Studies (NVVK), in collaboration with six leading private training providers, is introducing the Recognition Scheme for Training Safety Experts. The scheme starts this month and ensures that recognized training programs provide knowledge and skills that are integral to the Professional Profile of Safety Experts developed by the NVVK with the accompanyingBody of Knowledge and Skills (BOKS). The regulation represents an important step in the further professionalization of the profession and professional practice in virtually all sectors .

Result of united cooperation
Kees Roelofs, chairman of the NVVK is proud of the result achieved: "In a close and united collaboration between our professional association, the six largest trainers and quality institute NQA, we have developed an audit framework within which training courses can be assessed by an independent committee. The end result is that NVVK and trainers are working together to create professional certifications that deliver reliable and credible professional knowledge."
The recognition scheme responds to the rising demand for professional safety experts in sectors as diverse as construction, (process) industry, transportation, logistics and engineering. The NVVK already offers professional registration of safety experts for employers and clients in these sectors. Registered safety experts possess demonstrable and relevant knowledge and experience in fields such as external safety, occupational safety, social safety, fire safety and health care safety.

Credible diplomas
Says Roelofs, "With the training accreditation scheme, we now have an important instrument to offer professionals, through independent audits now and in the future, a diploma that stands for credible and up-to-date safety expert knowledge. Training and professional registration will thus become a direct extension of each other."
More information on the recognition scheme will be provided in the near future via the NVVK website and insight will be provided into which training programs have been recognized.

About NVVK
The Dutch Association for Safety Engineering (NVVK) is a knowledge platform for and by safety experts in the Netherlands. With a network of 3,000 safety experts in various disciplines and professional groups, our members are not alone. The NVVK is actively involved in changes in legislation and regulations. The NVVK also stands up for the interests of its members and safety experts in general.
The NVVK provides a network that safety experts can use for practical questions. The association regularly organizes national and regional meetings. Here members can make contacts and there is room for the exchange of professional information. In addition, the NVVK invests in the continuous development of the profession.

The professional register of safety experts, a seal of quality across the entire breadth of the profession
Since July 1, 2022, a new certification scheme has been in effect for safety experts who, as core experts, assess and advise on the RI&E. In addition, professional association NVVK is fully committed to the Professional Register of Safety Experts for all members. Two systems that complement each other. For its members, the NVVK wants to be the expertise center for safety issues in the Netherlands. NVVK members have access to an online knowledge portal with professional information for safety professionals.

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22 September 2022